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Kristin Judson OBM

Comprehensive Business Management 

You can have a successful business... 

   and a life!

Regain control of your work/life balance

Do you feel like you're building the plane as you're flying it??

Together we will streamline operations, freeing you to pursue your business goals with renewed energy and focus


Hi! I'm Kristin

I help business owners by organizing and streamlining their systems, giving them back hours in their day, allowing them to focus on what they actually enjoy and what they actually do best.


Our Services


Breakthrough Strategy Session

Gain clarity and set the groundwork for your business's next 90 days with our Breakthrough Strategy Session, designed to align your goals, implement strategic systems, and ensure sustainable growth through a tailored plan and specific milestones.


OBM Retainer Services

We specialize in providing comprehensive support for your business by managing daily operations, handling the recruitment and management of your team and overseeing project management.


Pitch Me A Project

Got a project idea? Let's chat! Share your concept, and we'll assess its feasibility and provide you with a clear idea of costs. Just to let you know, I only take on projects when I have the time to give them my full attention.

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